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Reading Group: The Party We Need

  • Centro Autónomo de Albany Park 3460 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, IL, 60625 United States (map)

Join Working Families 33 for the first of an informal discussion series on the need to build a left-leaning political alternative.

In the past couple years, Working Families 33 been busy kicking charter schools out of the ward, successfully electing several members to Local School Council, and forcing our Alderman to vote the right way when it comes to budget issues, but we rarely get to sit down and talk about the broader importance of our political project - building the much-needed alternative.

Starting this month, we will kick off an informal discussion series meant to talk through the importance of building a political alternative to the Democratic Party as a means of fighting back against right-wing authoratarianism and the corporate take-over of the Democratic Party.

Each month we will provide free short readings to focus the discussion. This Thursday, we'll be be talking about two pieces from Jacobin Magazine on the barriers to changing the Democratic Party from within:

Labor activist Kim Moody on structural barriers to transorfming the Democratic Party.


Paul Heidman on the socialist and civil rights strategy to move the party left.