33rd Ward Working Families

Standing for the interests of our ward's working people

June Membership Meeting: Housing, Affordability, and Democracy
3:00 pm15:00

June Membership Meeting: Housing, Affordability, and Democracy

  • TBA

Is "affordable housing" actually affordable? What will new condos mean for my rent? How do I keep an eye on big developers?

33rd Ward Working Families will break down the complex world of development in our June meeting group educational.

Find out what's coming in, what the alderman is doing (and not doing), and how to join the fight for the kind of ward we want.

Reading Group: The Party We Need
7:00 pm19:00

Reading Group: The Party We Need

  • Centro Autónomo de Albany Park

Join Working Families 33 for the first of an informal discussion series on the need to build a left-leaning political alternative.

In the past couple years, Working Families 33 been busy kicking charter schools out of the ward, successfully electing several members to Local School Council, and forcing our Alderman to vote the right way when it comes to budget issues, but we rarely get to sit down and talk about the broader importance of our political project - building the much-needed alternative.

Starting this month, we will kick off an informal discussion series meant to talk through the importance of building a political alternative to the Democratic Party as a means of fighting back against right-wing authoratarianism and the corporate take-over of the Democratic Party.

Each month we will provide free short readings to focus the discussion. This Thursday, we'll be be talking about two pieces from Jacobin Magazine on the barriers to changing the Democratic Party from within:

Labor activist Kim Moody on structural barriers to transorfming the Democratic Party.


Paul Heidman on the socialist and civil rights strategy to move the party left.


No Deportations in the 33rd Ward Neighborhood Canvass
1:00 pm13:00

No Deportations in the 33rd Ward Neighborhood Canvass

  • Christ Lutheran Church

Want to fight Trump's anti-immigrant agenda in Albany Park? Join us this Saturday for our second community canvas to invite Albany Park to an immigration Know Your Rights workshop on March 18th.

33rd Ward Working Families is joining forces with Organized Communities Against Deportations, the Autonomous Tenants Union and Christ Lutheran Church to make our neighborhood an ICE-free zone.

Where: Christ Lutheran Church on Wilson
When: March 11th, 2017 1 pm
Why: Canvass the neighborhood about Know Your Rights event

1:00 pm13:00

Know Your Rights Community Canvass

President Trump's unhinged attacks on immigrants and refugees have made clear that building an organized community resistence, particularly in immigrant-rich neighborhoods like Albany Park, is both necessary and urgent.

Join us this Saturday for a community canvass to distribute Know Your Rights information and talk to neighbors about efforts to build a 33rd Ward rapid-response network against raids and deportations.

Information about WF33's Know Your Rights - Immigration 101 workshop, scheduled for March 18, will also be available.

Meet-up for supplies and instructions for canvassers will be at 1 pm at the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, 3253 W WIlson Avenue (near Kedzie Brown Line).

October Meeting: CTU Strike Report and Election Canvass
3:30 pm15:30

October Meeting: CTU Strike Report and Election Canvass

  • Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

33rd Working Families October meeting comes at a critical time for public schools.

Tuesday, October 11, will be the first day of a CTU strike, should a contract not be reached before then.

Join us this weekend for an update from local school members on the progress of the strike and opportunities for community support.

Following the meeting, members will be canvassing to call for a NO vote on our ward's charter school referendum. WF33 won this ballot question through a summer-long petitioning drive that collected more than 1,000 signatures. We now have just a few weeks left to win the referendum. Canvassing materials will be provided.

Rally at Roosevelt - April 1 Day of Action
8:30 am08:30

Rally at Roosevelt - April 1 Day of Action

  • Roosevelt High School

Rahm Emanuel, Gov. Rauner, and their allies have declared war on Chicago's working families—imposing devastating cuts on critical public services, looting the treasury for tax breaks and handouts to wealthy developers, and punishing communities of color.

Roosevelt High School is representative of this attack, having been dealt a series of budget cuts that have resulted in the loss of dozens of teachers and support staff, the removal of courses such as Latin American history, and threatened educational opportunities for Roosevelt's more than 1,000 students.

Join Roosevelt teachers and staff on the picket lines at 9 am to rally on the April 1 city-wide day of action and strike back against the Rahm-Rauner agenda. Shut it down!

City-wide April 1 info: https://www.facebook.com/events/602204043265015

#shutdownchi #fightforfunding

January Membership Meeting
3:00 pm15:00

January Membership Meeting

  • Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

33rd Ward Working Families January meeting

Guest presentation: #KeepingthePromise w/ the Chicago Housing Initiative

Also on the agenda: Helping the Rahm Resign effort, an update on the call to restore Roosevelt High School's funding, and plans for our February meeting.

December Membership Meeting
3:00 pm15:00

December Membership Meeting

  • Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

33rd Ward Working Families, December meeting

Agenda (proposed):

  • Guest presentation: BYP 100 and We Charge Genocide member will lead a discussion on the push for ‪#‎ResignRahm‬
  • Roosevelt High School students will be reporting back on their meeting with Ald. Mell about school funding
  • Proposal from the elections committee regarding the endorsement process for spring elections
Town Hall Meeting: Speaking Out Against Budget Cuts
6:00 pm18:00

Town Hall Meeting: Speaking Out Against Budget Cuts

  • Christ Lutheran Church

Classrooms without teachers. Public sector layoffs. Health needs unmet. Austerity budgets are inflicting real harm on our city and our neighbors in the ward.

Join 33rd Ward Working Families October 8 for a community forum on the high costs of diminished services. Hear first-hand about the impact state and local budget cuts are having on education, healthcare, child care, and other critical programs, and discuss efforts to stand up to the attacks on these services.

Speakers include:

  • Sheilah Garland, National Nurses United*
  • Tim Meegan, Roosevelt High School teacher*; 33rd Ward Working Families
  • Richard Stowell, home health care provider; member, SEIU HCII*
  • Rhoda Gutierrez, Parents 4 Teachers*

*For identification purposes