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Working Families statement of support for Sarah Chambers

Dear Dr. Jackson and Mr. Rivera:

We write to you to express our dismay to learn that Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy special education teacher Sarah Chambers has been suspended from her position.

Our organization holds support for quality public education in Chicago as one of its central values. Our organization’s membership includes graduates of public schools, alumni of public universities, educators in public classrooms, and parents of current and future Chicago Public Schools students. The state of education in this city matters to us greatly.

As a passionate advocate for issues affecting our schools, Ms. Chambers won the respect and friendship of many well beyond the halls of Saucedo. To those with even a passing familiarity with Ms. Chambers, her love of her school, her students, and her colleagues is apparent. Her advocacy on behalf of students with disabilities and LGBT students, in particular, is commendable, having helped to keep the unique needs of these populations in the public eye.

In short, we believe our district would be an appreciably better place to work and learn if it had more, rather than fewer, educators like Ms. Chambers within it.

While the removal of Ms. Chambers is surely a loss for the Saucedo community, we believe the implications of her suspension will not benefit Chicago’s school system as a whole, and we harbor serious concerns about the precedent this sets, the notion of "political firings," and what effects such an action will have on the schools of our 33rd Ward.

We urge CPS to reinstate Ms. Chambers.


33rd Ward Working Families