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Working Families reaches neighbors to talk Belmont Ave. development

How will a new condo development affect property taxes, rents, and parking in the neighborhood?

Neighbors on Belmont Avenue had a lot of questions when Working Families members talked with them last week about a proposed zoning change to allow a luxury developer to build a three-story construction on their stretch of street.

The applicant for the zoning change, Barrett Homes, is a luxury developer seeking to a zoning change at 3016-3020 W Belmont Ave in order to build a three-story building with nine residential units and one commercial unit.

We found that about half of the neighbors we spoke to had not heard about the development plans or zoning change, and that most everyone had serious concerns about it. We brought your concerns—and signatures—to Alderman Mell at her ward night on Monday, March 20th. 

  • When we asked her to delay the decision until there had been more time for community input she claimed that she had sought community input—despite the fact that half the people we talked to had not heard about it. 

  • When we expressed your concerns about the development's affects on the community, she said “We like the revenue. We like the money coming in.” 

  • The alderman was noncommittal when we asked her to hold off on approving the development, but promised to follow up with us. We have yet to hear from her; and the committee meeting has come and gone. 

Fortunately the Zoning Committee ended up delaying the decision on this zoning change in the end, so there is still more time for community input on this development! 33rd Ward Working Families will continue to ensure that our community’s voice is heard when it comes to zoning and development in our ward. If you would like to add your voice, you can contact us at workingfamilies33@gmail.com