33rd Ward Working Families

Standing for the interests of our ward's working people

Three ways to get involved this summer

Last month our members chose three summer projects that will put our values into action in the community. These activities connect with a number of interests that are close to our hearts—from encouraging solidarity between our neighborhood's working people, to supporting strong public services and opportunities for youth—and if they are for you, too, we invite you be a part. Click on the buttons below to join up with one (or more) of these three summer projects in the 33rd Ward.

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Supporting undocumented students

We were inspired by the story of the Roosevelt Dreamers Club, a group of high school students who are fundraising to help their undocumented peers apply for legal status through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The $465 application fees make this out of reach for many low-income students, so the Dreamers Club took the initiative to sell t-shirts and tote bags to raise money for those in need. We've offered our help in setting up a summer fundraiser to make sure that finances aren't a barrier to teenagers trying to achieve their dreams. Join this project

Stopping charter expansion in Chicago

As neighborhood schools struggle to cope with devastating budget cuts, private charter operators are continuing their push for more of the system's resources. A referendum to halt charter expansion is in the works in wards across the city. With a summer's effort, we can get it on the November ballot here in the 33rd. Join this project

Standing with nursing care workers

Workers who help others live lives of dignity should be able to lead lives of dignity themselves. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Nursing care workers in our neighborhood are struggling now with wages that keep them below the poverty line and are joining the fight for a $15 living wage in contract negotiations with the companies that operate the care facilities. We want to stand with the people who will stand with us in the times that we need it. Join this project