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A resounding 'no' to charter schools in 33rd Ward vote

It wasn't all good news last night, but here's a bright spot: More than 9,500 33rd Ward voters stood up for our neighborhood schools by saying 'no' to CPS's charter expansion scheme.

Neighborhood public schools are anchors in our communities and the places where most of Chicago's children get an education.

Since we began our ballot access drive this the summer, 33rd Ward Working Families volunteers have had hundreds of conversations—with students, parents, grandparents, and even some parents-to-be. What we heard was a strong concern that CPS continues to open privately run charter schools while dealing vicious cuts to programs, activities, and educators in the schools that have served our neighborhoods for generations.

In the end, the 'no' vote won in every ward precinct.

Thanks to all who door knocked, all who opened their doors, and our friends who worked hard to win similar referenda in five other wards—Grassroots Illinois Action (1st and 26th), 25th Ward IPO (25th), Network 49 (49th), and Northside Action For Justice (46th).

Join our fight for quality public education in Chicago.