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Trump's opponent will be our solidarity

WF33's Chris Poulos on what we have to do under President Trump

Tuesday's election has caused a great deal of fear and uncertainty around the country. Friends here in the 33rd Ward have already expressed real worries about their legal status, employment rights and general safety. This only scratches the surface of what many people are feeling city- and country-wide.

Such moments of uncertainty call for a solidarity that promotes the spirit of diversity and inclusion that makes our ward such a great place to live.

They also call for us to take a look at what happened. Exploiting bigotry and fear, Trump rallied those hurt by economic policies that have benefited the 1% and those who felt abandoned by Democrats who sided with the status quo rather than supplying an bold counter-agenda. We cannot let Trump’s hatred be the only alternative.

Tuesday’s election results showed us that now, more than ever, we need to build a type of politics that is unapologetic and unrelenting in its fight for economic and social justice and against bigotry and the division of working people. That works starts here.

If you've thought about joining, or if Tuesday convinced you to take action, now's the time we need you.

Join us at our membership meeting November 19. Send us a message to get in touch. Let's create the strong, independent, progressive alternative we're going to need for at least the four years to come.

Chris Poulos

Chris Poulos