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CPS advisory panel says no to North Side charter


NAC members call on Intrinsic Schools to withdraw proposal

CHICAGO—An advisory council convened by CPS to review a proposal for a new North Side charter is rejecting the proposal and calling on CPS and the applicant, Intrinsic Schools, to withdraw its application.

In a letter sent to CPS last week, 24 members of the North Side Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) pointed to “critical deficiencies” and “serious weaknesses” in Intrinsic’s proposal and asked for the hearings to be terminated to spare further expenditures in the midst of CPS’s budget crisis. The NAC, set up by CPS to solicit community input, has been studying a proposal from Intrinsic since June and is scheduled to meet until September.

“Given CPS’s current financial crisis, we cannot support already scarce resources being poured into continuing expensive processes like NAC, nor into the establishment of new charters that are not needed,” the letter reads.

Chris Poulos, North Side NAC member and member of 33rd Ward Working Families: “The more we learned, the more offensive this proposal seemed to us. Millions of dollars were just chopped from our neighborhood schools. Students are going to be losing their music programs, their support services. Why would we exacerbate this problem with yet another charter leeching their resources?”

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