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Letter: Dick Simpson our choice for Board of Elections

In what the Chicago Reader calls "Rahm's nightmare," former 44th Ward alderman Dick Simpson, known for his independence and opposition to insider politics and city corruption, has applied for appointment to the Chicago Board of Elections.

Though this wasn't the first endorsement 33rd Ward Working Families intended to make, we're pleased to be presented with the opportunity to write to the board in support of Prof. Simpson.

Chief Judge Evans,

It has come to the attention of the 33rd Ward Working Families Independent Political Organization (IPO) that Dick Simpson has applied for the position of the new election commissioner for the Chicago Board of Elections. Our organization has a keen interest in the appointment of the best possible applicant for this important job.

33rd Ward Working Families is a newly formed IPO with the aim of promoting a progressive agenda that represents the needs of working people and working families. We aim to develop and run candidates for public office. Accordingly, transparent and just elections are important for achieving our organizational goals. Moreover, supporting an appointee who ensures the integrity of the democratic process is near and dear to the members of our organization who have experience running electoral campaigns and exposing dubious election practices. It is important to our organization that the future election commissioner works to closely monitor elections and make decisions that promote the integrity of Chicago's democratic process.

On these grounds, we endorse Dick Simpson for the position of Chicago's new election commissioner. Simpson's diverse career speaks to his ability to successfully carry out this job. He has a well-known history as an elected official and an impressive academic career as a political scientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Moreover, Simpson's work promoting independent politics clearly illustrates his commitment to upholding the integrity of elections in Chicago.

We ask that you take our position into account when making this important decision.

Thank you,

33rd Ward Working Families